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02 January 2009 @ 09:47 pm

Welcome to forestfamily.
You need to join to see the entries.

Here are some ideas of things that can be posted.

- Animals, including your own pets.
- Drawings, Paintings, etc. Either by someone you like or your own.
- Picspam post - this is where you post a lot of images (usually not pertaining to one category) you've collected and wish to share.
- Decor, Interior Design, etc. Yours or someone elses.
- Vintage images, have a favorite movie star? Or just found a bunch of images you like? We'd love to see it.
- Crafts, DIY, etc. Did you make something? You are welcome to share it.
- Etsy. You are welcome to post a link to one of your favorite Etsy shops (or make a megapost out of it), you are also welcome to post your own shop (etsy or not) but the post must in someway contribute to the community, cant just be an advertisement and nothing more.
- Fashion related stuff is fine, but if it dives straight into a full editorial, its better we leave that stuff to fakingfashion.

Always make a subject, even if its something small.
Make the image before the lj-cut no bigger than 425px, if its bigger than that, I will not accept your post.
If youre making an image post, please try to include atleast 10 images.

Please be sure to read the rules in the info before posting.

You can use template for your posts.

If you're ready to make a post click here & thank you :)